Bureau Kwaliteit Kinderopvang (BKK) is a non-profit organization in the Netherlands to improve the quality of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). It is founded and governed by the national associations of employers, employees and parents in the field of ECEC. In the period of 2013-2017, BKK is working on the program Quality Impulse, which is commissioned and subsidized by the Dutch government. This program is aligned with the policy agenda from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment in consultation with different stakeholders. With the Quality Impulse, BKK will provide and maintain an innovative and effective improvement of ECEC and preservation of continuous professional development. The program should contribute to a healthy and balanced development of all children who attend ECEC in the Netherlands, aimed at center-based childcare as well as home-based childcare.

In order to realize this important and prestigious goal, BKK is facilitating in-service professional development programs, the development of a broad integral quality framework by an independent committee and translating it to the workforce. In addition, BKK is asking the field for their opinion on quality issues and is initiating academic research. The ultimate goal of BKK with the Quality Impulse is to support childcare providers to independently measure and guarantee their quality of early childhood practice, and to make their quality results transparent.

BKK organized an international Peer Learning Activity on the theme of the strategic value of pedagogical quality in Romania, November 2017. Further information on this page.